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I offer Active Dreaming workshops and individual training in southern California. I'm based in Orange County and can travel to San Diego, LA and the inland empire as needed



Workshops are tailored to the needs of the group based on time, location, experience and interest. All workshops cover, at minimum:

  • Lightning Dreamwork Process -- a safe and authentic way to share dreams with others
  • Dream Reentry and Tracking -- how to go back into a dream for more information
  • Sidewalk Oracles -- using synchronicity and dreams as guideposts

I'm certified by shamanic dream teacher, Robert Moss in how to facilitate these experiences in a playful, deep and respectful manner.

 Please use the contact form to request more information.

Individual Training


Individual fifty-minute sessions are available for $75. I offer a 50% discount on your first session if you work in a healing profession (physical, emotional or imaginal). If you're a service provider, I'm also willing to discuss a one-for-one trade on your first session.


Given that not everyone can travel to southern California for a dream workshop, I'm also available via Skype.


Please use the contact form for more information. A free initial 15 minute consult can also be arranged.

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Are you wondering whether to invest in understanding your own dreams? One easy experiment is to set an intention before you fall asleep and see what appears.


I've used this technique many times, including to decide if I should take an online course from Robert Moss.


Try something similar! Allow yourself to be led in the direction of your dreams.


I look forward to exploring your dreams with you.


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