Q: Why do I need to keep a dream journal?

A: In order to truly understand and go deeply into how Active Dreaming
works, it's important to approach the process with a scientific as well
as creative frame of mind. We need to record our experiences, our
experiments, and the results, in order to build confidence in ourselves
as dreamers. Without this important tool, it's easy to forget the dreams
and the lessons learned from working with the dreams.

Q: What if I don't remember my dreams? Should I still invest in a course?

A: Active Dreaming is a process that encompasses the signs and
synchronicities that appear in sleeping *and* waking life. Creating a
dream journal and noticing the sidewalk oracles in the world around us
will support a return of our night dreams.

Q: What if I don't want to remember my dreams, because they're too
intense or frightening?

A: First it's important to note that there are two different types of
"bad dreams." The nightmare is an interrupted dream state, in which we
feel under threat to such a degree that we come to a fully-awake and
anxious state. An intense dream is an experience that we complete, but
that causes worry, concern or discomfort. Each type requires different
tools, which I provide in our sessions as needed.

Q: What if I dream so much that it would take all day to record
everything I remember?

A: Daily dream recording is a fun and useful tool, but in this situation
it can feel like a burden if you feel you must write or type every
single detail. Trust yourself to identify the most important scenes or
images and focus on these. If you like, you can make a bulleted list of
other aspects. By choosing a title for your dream sequences, you can
identify which scene is most important to you and give that your energy.

Q: Sometimes I dream about things and they come true. This worries me,
as I'm concerned I will cause something dark or frightening to occur.

A: Dreams are often focused on the future. They help guide us, they give
us warnings, both personal and transpersonal. Dreams can be a stage upon
which we enact possible future choices. By working with our dreams
regularly, we realize that seeing events or opportunities before they
happen is a mundane reality. We are responsible for our actions, our
choices. Thoughts and dreams can become realities, but if we are
dreaming consciously, then we can make a decision about the possible
future, rather than have it thrust upon us blindly.


Q: Are you willing to negotiate rates using sliding scale or barter?


A: Yes, on a case-by-case basis


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Are you wondering whether to invest in understanding your own dreams? One easy experiment is to set an intention before you fall asleep and see what appears.


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