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"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one."--John Lennon "Imagine"

I've followed my intuition upon a meandering path for many decades. My curiosity has led me to explore languages, art, sciences, medicine, religions, yoga, poetry, music and the great outdoors. My connection to trees and dreaming began early. I was born in Ann Arbor. (An arbor!) A prolific writer, nature photographer and artist, I recently published my book, "Next Time," based on and supported by my dream practice.

In 2013, I discovered a book by Robert Moss titled, "Dreaming True." Thrilled to have found an author presenting a cogent synthesis of modern dreaming based in science, experience, history and psychology, I proceeded to read everything about dreams written by him. When I discovered his classes were being offered by the Shift Network, I signed up for his first live online dream seminar, then took several more. Eventually arriving at the magical Mosswood Hollow in Washington state to receive direct training in Active Dreaming in person, I now live my life guided by valuable information received in both waking and sleeping dreams.

Struck by this serious need for basic skills for remembering, processing, and taking action on our wisest counsel, I have since dedicated my time to educating others in the core techniques of Active Dreaming, including the lightning dreamwork process, dream reentry, dream tracking, and sidewalk oracles (synchronicity).

I've been a guest on the "Way of the Dreamer" radio show at www.healthylife.net. My specialty is helping people who have difficulty remembering their dreams, a condition known as "dream drought."


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Are you wondering whether to invest in understanding your own dreams? One easy experiment is to set an intention before you fall asleep and see what appears.


I've used this technique many times, including to decide if I should take an online course from Robert Moss.


Try something similar! Allow yourself to be led in the direction of your dreams.


I look forward to exploring your dreams with you.


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